Arena Animation Fort

Arena Animation Fort

A 15 years of distinction is now our proud past. The promise of a fascinating future – to deliver it – shall be our prime calling henceforward.

In the decade gone by, Fort Arena grew from strength to strength. From being the front-runner in Animation Education in Mumbai, the institute forged its way to the forefront of the field in the country. Fort Arena is considered as one of the top center in Mumbai.
Notwithstanding the exalted status, Fort Arena pushes forth with ceaseless passion and uncompromising standards. Propelled by a positive force of proactive team members. Singularly focused on nurturing professionals who excel in every dimension of Animation. Contributing in its own right to the creative capital of the nation. In short, leading the way in Animation Education through its mission: “Learn & have fun & end up making a lucrative career out of it.”

The learning environment assumes unique significance at Fort Arena. Much thought has gone into the planning and development of the learning spaces keeping in view the needs and conveniences of the students.

A few guiding principles have been concertized:

  • Facilitate state-of-the-art multimedia-based training
  • Support modern-day instructional technologies and teaching methods
  • Allow easy and efficient interaction between student and learning environment
  • Promote creativity and enhance the learning experience
  • Lend itself to change with evolving training needs

Modern design ideas, architectural values and aesthetics have been put in place; The result has been an awe-inspiring learning environment.

Needless to say, student interaction with the learning environment has touched a whole new level at Fort Arena.