Course in Editing


Film Editing

This course covers On-line and Off-line editing which bring editing and visual effects together like never before for powerful post production solution . This course is structured to ensure that the student gets training in all aspects of film-making , editing, broadcast and multimedia applications used extensively by the industry & to carve a successful career  as  filmmakers, video professionals and editors, also prepare students for the possible changes of technology such as Standard Definition Television (SDTV), High Definition Television (HDTV), 2K, 4K etc.

  • Basic Editing
  • Media Workflow
  • Timeline Effects & Color Correction
  • Analyzing and correcting imported clips
  • Importing from a camera, from the finder, and from other applications
  • Organizing Clips in an Event
  • Keying & Tracking Techniques
  • Building a Rough Cut
  • Fine-Tuning a Rough Cut
  • Applying Transitions
  • Working with Sound
  • Working with Titles, Generators, and Themes
  • Introduction to 3D Compositing
  • Rendering and Sharing Your Project

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Film Editing Student Work